How to configure Q-in-Q Tunneling in Cisco

Q-in-Q Tunneling is to allow service providers or hosting provider or data center, 4096 VLAN inside of each one of 4096 VLAN. This is really useful and easy to implement. Before going to the configuration part, let’s discuss the benefits of q-in-q tunnel. Service providers often meet the requirement for…continue reading →

How to recover Admin Password on Nexus Switches

If you are unable to start a session with network-admin privileges in your Cisco Nexus switch, you must recover the network administrator password by power cycling the device. In this lesson, we will learn Nexus switch password recovery by power cycling. This processed are applicable for all NX-OS enabled devices.…continue reading →

Errdisable Recovery on Cisco Switches

Errdisable recovery is a feature that helps network administrators to recover the err-disabled state to enable state. In this lesson we will learn, how to configure Err-disabled auto-recovery in Cisco catalyst switches. Before going into details, first we should understand what is error-disabled state of an interface. Errdisabled is a…continue reading →