Cisco is the major OEM in IT sector. In this categories, we will focus on configuring Cisco routers, switches, firewalls, wireless devices etc.

How to enable IPv6 on Router

Cisco Router Configuration Featured Image letsconfig

How to enable IPv6 on Router (Cisco IOS) is one of the very basic questions an engineer have, because by default Cisco doesn’t support IPv6 on it’s IOS images. In this tutorial, we will learn how to configure IPv6 in Cisco routers.   What is IPv6 IPv6 is the latest Internet Protocol It’s 128 bit …

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How to backup Cisco ISE 2.7

Cisco ISE Configuration Featured Image

Taking the backup is one of the basic but important task for any system including Cisco ISE. In this lesson, we will learn, how to backup Cisco ISE 2.7. So, let’s get started. Performing Cisco ISE backup, will be done in four (4) steps. These are- Creating a Repository Cisco ISE allow to create Disk, …

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