How to configure OSPF on Juniper

Earlier, we have learned, how to configure OSPF on CISCO routers. Today, in this lesson, we will learn how to configure OSPF on Juniper. This process is same for MX, ACX, SRX, EX, and other Junos enabled devices. We will be using following topology for our LAB. So, let's config…continue reading →

How to Configure OSPF Authentication

A variety of risks exist when deploying a routing protocol in a network. It's very much true for OSPF. It's because, OSPF does not have any built in authentication mechanism for peers. You need to configure OSPF Authentication, to make your neighbor establishment secure. Today we will configure OSPF authentication…continue reading →

How to configure OSPF in Cisco Router

OSPF (Open shortest path first) is an open standard routing protocol, meaning any vendor like Cisco, Juniper, Brocade can implement its features. Today we will discuss how to configure OSPF in Cisco routers. To do so, first we need to enable OSPF in our router. To enable OSPF, we have…continue reading →