How to upgrade F5 Big-IP software version

This is the 2nd article on F5 series and today we are going to learn how to upgrade F5 Big-IP software version. In this example are going to upgrade from 11.x to 13.x. So, let’s get started.

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How to upgrade F5 Big-IP software version
Before upgrading, i am going to refer few articles which will help us to plan the up-gradation.

It is also recommended to check the release notes before doing the up-gradation to any version.


F5 BIG-IP LTM up-gradation:

First of all, go to System >> Software Management. By clicking these, you will be able to see current software. In my case it is “”. Now click “Import…” to upload new image.

Software Import

Choose a new software image and click Import. It will start uploading.

Software uploading

After completing the full upload, you will see a new software in Software Management section along with old one.

All software images

Now, select new software and click Install.

Software Install

A new pop-up will open. Here you have to select your desired HD location and volume. In my case, i have only one HD. So, i am selecting HD1 and Volume 2.


Software Install in HD1

You will be able to see, the progress of upgrading just like below image.

Software Install in Progress

An auto reboot will be there. Login again and go to System > Software Management >> Boot Locations. Select your new boot location where you have done the installing. In my case, it is HD1.2.

Boot Location Selection

Now, a new pop-up will open. This section is really important. This is where current configuration will be loaded into new software. You will be able to see Boot Location, Product, Version, Build which is auto selected to the new version. You have to choose “YES” for Install configuration section and have to specify from which column you want to install this configure.

Boot Location Selection and configuration

It will boot again with configuration. Now, re-login and go to System > Software Management >> Boot Locations, you will see new software being now active.

Installation Check

This is how we upgrade F5 software version. Let me know if you have any questions or facing any issue during the up-gradation.

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9 thoughts on “How to upgrade F5 Big-IP software version”

  1. Hi, Rajib.

    I am upgrading my F5 appliance from 11.5.3 > 11.6.0 > How long should the auto-reboot take? I have been waiting for more than 20 minutes. Is this a normal situation?

    Thank you.

  2. Rajib,
    Thanks for the article. Does F5 offer information that has a recommended firmware? I am recommending 15.1.2 to a customer. I have read the release notes, but looking for more of a F5 recommends this build. Thanks

  3. Hello Rajib,

    In our environment we are using VCMP setup, where we have couple of VCMP Guest running on them. There are 2 VCMP (Standalone) boxes, and in turn there are 4 Guests in each of them. These 4 Guests in each of the VCMP Boxes are in HA group. We are in the process of upgrading the LTMs and VCMPs as well. Can you please suggest/advice on the same. It would be very helpful.

    R B

  4. Dear Rajib Kumer Das,

    I have a plan to take an F5 101 exam could you please assist/advice how should prepare?

    Best Regards,

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