How to Factory Reset Palo Alto Firewall

Sometimes, we may need to reset our Palo Alto devices. In this lesson, we will learn how to factory reset Palo Alto firewall.

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To do the reset, we need to go into maintenance mode. To access maintenance, we need console access. So, keep this in mind during planning.


Important: Resetting Palo Alto firewall to factory defaults will result in the loss of all logs and configuration settings.

How to Factory Reset Palo Alto Firewall

Step#1: First of all, connect console cable to Palo Alto firewall. Console settings is pretty much standard.

  • Speed – 9600
  • Data Bits – 8
  • Parity – None
  • Stop bits – 1

Step#2: To enter the maintenance mode, we need to power on or reboot the device.
Step#3: During the boot sequence, in one point you will see like following.

Paloalto Firewall Reset - maint 1

To enter the maintenance mode, you need to type “maint” and press Enter.

Enter 'maint' for boot menu.
Booting PANOS (sysroot0) after 5 seconds...

Entry: maint

Step#4: In this section, you will find multiple choices. You need to select “PANOS (maint)” mode.

Paloalto Firewall Reset - maint select 2

Step#5: You will land on Maintenance Recovery section. Here, you need to press Enter to continue.


Paloalto Firewall Reset - continue 3

Step#6: Now select “Factory Reset” and then press Enter.

Factory Reset Palo Alto Firewall

Step#7: A warning message will be shown along with factory reset option. To continue, select factory reset and press Enter.

Factory Reset Palo Alto Firewall

If everything goes well, you will see reset progress in percentage.

Paloalto Firewall Reset - Progress 6

And Finally, a Factory Reset confirmation just likes below. Press reboot to complete the activity.

Paloalto Firewall Reset - reboot 7

Hope you enjoy. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “How to Factory Reset Palo Alto Firewall”

  1. I m trying resting PA-2050 with the above solution but unfortunately some error pops up after I hit enter after writing “maint” error mentioned as below;

    Entry: maint

    Booting in maint mode

    Unknow command –help

    octeon Kestrel#

    after this it falls on “octeon Kestrel#” command prompt, I tried commanding there but none of them are working or executing.

    OS: PAN-OS 7.1.5

  2. I reach the maint menu, choose Factory Reset and I get this message.

    WARNING: Performing a factory reset will remove all logs and configuration.

    No current active image found, please use advanced options.

    Enter password for advanced options: (using defailt password ‘admin’

    Password incorrect! Try again.

    It looks like the OS is gone.

  3. Sir
    Paloalto device factory reset was in progress and during that the power gone and now the device is not working and nor working for factory reset nor going as normal.
    process what i did same as ur blog

    enter to go maint
    panos maint
    factory default if come again factory default again

    for me first time it worked till factory resetting percentage to do the reset but later after
    incomplete factory reset it is not working now and from continue-factory reset again continue it is kind of loop here
    also in the PANOS maint the third option PANOS sysroot0 is also missing

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