Sometimes, we may need to reset our Palo Alto devices. In this lesson, we will learn how to factory reset Palo Alto firewall.

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To do the reset, we need to go into maintenance mode. To access maintenance, we need console access. So, keep this in mind during planning.

Important: Resetting Palo Alto firewall to factory defaults will result in the loss of all logs and configuration settings.

How to Factory Reset Palo Alto Firewall

Step#1: First of all, connect console cable to Palo Alto firewall. Console settings is pretty much standard.

  • Speed – 9600
  • Data Bits – 8
  • Parity – None
  • Stop bits – 1

Step#2: To enter the maintenance mode, we need to power on or reboot the device.
Step#3: During the boot sequence, in one point you will see like following.

Paloalto Firewall Reset - maint 1

To enter the maintenance mode, you need to type “maint” and press Enter.

Enter 'maint' for boot menu.
Booting PANOS (sysroot0) after 5 seconds...

Entry: maint

Step#4: In this section, you will find multiple choices. You need to select “PANOS (maint)” mode.

Paloalto Firewall Reset - maint select 2

Step#5: You will land on Maintenance Recovery section. Here, you need to press Enter to continue.

Paloalto Firewall Reset - continue 3

Step#6: Now select “Factory Reset” and then press Enter.

Paloalto Firewall Reset - fatory reset select 4

Step#7: A warning message will be shown along with factory reset option. To continue, select factory reset and press Enter.

Paloalto Firewall Reset - fatory reset select 5

If everything goes well, you will see reset progress in percentage.

Paloalto Firewall Reset - Progress 6

And Finally, a Factory Reset confirmation just likes below. Press reboot to complete the activity.

Paloalto Firewall Reset - reboot 7

Hope you enjoy. 🙂

Written by Rajib Kumer Das

I am Rajib Kumer Das, a network engineer with 7+ years of experience in multi-vendor environment. In my current company, I am responsible to take care critical projects and it's support cases. I do have several vendor certificates and have plans to go further.

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